HI! Raise A Little Kale was created to get your health on track with nutrition education, resources, and personal cheerleading readily available. Nutrition, fitness, wellness, education and a whole lot of encouragement are coming your way. It does not matter if you lift weights daily, or if the only kind of squat you do is to pick up a potato chip you dropped on the ground – today is a new day! It’s time to Raise A Little Hell, er, Kale and start your body restoration today!

Nutrition can be an intimidating topic to some. We live in a world full of phrases like “gluten free”, “low carb”, “paleo friendly,” but does everyone really know what those phrases mean?

What should I put into my morning smoothie? What kinds of foods are full of antioxidants? What the heck is an antioxidant? Wonder no more. Raise A Little Kale is about education, so we can become a healthier, happier generation.

Fitness and wellness go hand in hand with nutrition, building a framework for a healthy lifestyle. Raise A Little Kale will provide exercise ideas, tips, and benefits for everyone—beginners to experienced athletes.

Start today. Get ready for a health revival. Stay updated on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Email me with specific comments or questions. Let’s fight the good fight and Raise A Little Kale!