Fast Facts: Matcha


You will be thanking me very matcha after you read this ūüćĶ

What is it?

  • powdered tea – no literally, that’s what it means. It’s a form of green tea that is made from the actual tea leaves (when making regular green tea, the leaves are discarded), processed in¬†Japan and used before meditation or in tea ceremonies
  • the tea leaves are grown in the shade, which changes their flavor. Then they are steamed, dried, aged and stone-ground into their powdered form
  • The caffeine¬†present in matcha is about 3 times as much as what you would get in a cup of joe since you are actually consuming the leaves. The amino acid L-theanine gives more of a calm, alertness¬†caffeine feeling other than the jittery feeling coffee can leave you with.

WHY do you need it?

  • One word – Polyphenol. Ever heard of it? It’s a type of antioxidant and it is most definitely found in matcha. Polyphenols help reduce the risk for heart disease, certain¬†cancers, blood sugar regulation and even has an anti-aging effect.
  • Polyphenols are also known to reverse cancer cell growth and boost your metabolism. Yes, please!
  • That amino acid, L-Theanine, that we talked about earlier? It also produces serotonin and dopamine – two chemicals that enhance your mood, concentration and improve¬†your memory
  • Matcha gets its green color from chlorophyll – a natural detoxifier

HOW do you get it?

  • Matcha powder is sold in any health foods store. I bought mine at Trader Joe’s! just remember to store it out of the sun and out of high temperatures so it doesn’t alter the taste or start to oxidize. You can also store it in the fridge/freezer!
  • Matcha tea or lattes are a great way to incorporate¬†this powder into your daily diet. But don’t stop there! You can add it to pretty much anything – soups, cereals, baked goods, waffles – anything!

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