Plant Proteins to the Rescue!

plant proteins

Here they come to save the DAY! 

Meatless Mondays are a lot more fun when plant proteins are involved. Did you know you can reach your daily protein requirements without consuming anything from an animal? Yes, it’s true.

Even though it is very common to think of animals when we think of protein sources, a protein is any kind of amino acid group and can be found without being a carnivore. So if you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian or vegan, trying to reduce your carbon footprint or just searching for some new foods to try – keep reading.

Benefits of Plant Proteins

Plant proteins are nutrition at it’s finest. Adding them into your diet and decreasing your animal intake has amazing health benefits, some of those are:

  • 100% whole foods – straight from the source.
  • Decrease risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and some cancers
  • Great nutrition source for weight loss by adding more fiber, vitamins/minerals and complex carbohydrates
  • Great for the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions
  • They can be found everywhere! (Grocery stores, restaurants)

Wondering how vegetarians or vegans get their protein? Wonder no more – you can reach all of your protein needs via plant sources. Try adding plant proteins to your weekly meal planning this week!

Great Plant Protein Sources

Plant Proteins Legumes

Plant Proteins Nuts

Plant Proteins Grains

Plant Proteins Seeds

Plant Proteins Veggies

Plant Proteins Other


So now that you know the amazing benefits of plant proteins and some great sources – what are you waiting for? Add them into your daily diet today. Remember, variety and moderation are important. Introducing these foods into your kids’ lives is also a huge plus – start them young and serve some plant proteins for dinner today!

Want more Meatless Monday recipes? Check out fellow Dietitian and blogger, Kelli Pitrone’s website for some yummy ideas: