Sustainable Eating: How to Start Eating Better Today

sustainable eating

All aboard the sustainable agriculture train!

I’m sure you have heard the words “sustainable eating” before, but do you know what it really means? It means to look beyond the shelves of the grocery store and to start taking a closer look at how or where the food you are eating is produced.

Gone are the days of absent minded grocery shopping. Taking a closer look at the foods you are buying is not only better for your body, but for the environment too! Read on to find out my tips to better eating by keeping sustainable agriculture in mind.

Eat Seasonally

You know how you can buy strawberries year round – even when it’s NOT growing season in your area? That is a red flag, meaning these were flown in from FAR away, where they are grown all year. Just imagine how much money was spent on getting you a $3.99 container of strawberries to your grocery store. Instead, find out what is growing locally near you. You will most likely end up trying new foods and finding a new favorite produce 🙂 It’s a win-win.

and Shop Locally

To tie into what I said above, shopping locally is one of the best ways you can promote sustainable eating. Instead of giving your dollars to a big box company who mass produces produce (Think: Driscoll), check out your local farmers’ market to buy something locally grown. We all know how much I love Farmers’ Markets – check out my post here. This is also a great opportunity to discuss growing habits, peak seasons and learn about a farmer’s techniques for sustainable agriculture – but by speaking with them!


Grown your own garden – and have fun with it! Kids love gardens and it’s an awesome added bonus when they want to eat what they worked so hard to grow themselves. Another added bonus? fresh herbs – all the time! You know the high quality freshness that comes from picking a pepper from your garden and then walking inside to cut it up and make salsa. Sometimes gardens tend to over grow – which is the perfect opportunity to deliver to your neighbors 🙂

Reuse It

Get rid of those plastics and purchase food and drink storage containers that will last! Using glass food containers is not only a money saver, but an environment saver. Instead of purchasing endless amounts of water bottles, invest in a great, dishwasher friendly bottle that you can refill and use all day long. Also, don’t forget about those reusable grocery bags 🙂 Keep them in the trunk so they are always with you.

Go Organic (when possible)

Have you ever heard the saying “Let’s stop asking why real foods are so expensive and start asking why processed food is so cheap”? It’s a great quote. Yes, organic is more expensive. This is due to the extra care and time it takes to grow these products without using chemicals. When you can, try purchasing organics to help reduce a number of pesticides that enter your body, as well as reducing the exposure of pesticides to the growers and communities surrounding them.

There are a million reasons to try out sustainable agriculture in your everyday lives and a million ways you can start. Pick one of the above tips and try it out today. You will be doing yourself, and the world a solid 🙂