Today’s Workout: Back on Track

vacation workout

I needed a vacation from my vacation.

We just got back from our amazing 10 day trip to Michigan, and the last thing on my mind upon returning was exercising (or blogging, to be completely honest). Being on vacation usually means: staying up too late, having a relaxed and sometimes unhealthy food menu and having a few too many drinks. I can’t be the only one experiencing these symptoms!

Even though there was plenty of jumping off boats, tubing, kayaking, swimming and chasing after my one-year-old who thought the middle of the road is where he needed to be, I was still lacking real exercise. Since I forgot my running shoes, (true story: we stayed with friends in Toledo on the way up and I left my shoes there and had to get them on the drive back to DC) I was in dire need to go on a run today.

Taking a Hard Pass on Education Today

Instead of an educational post, I’m just sharing my workout with you today. My brain needs a few more days to get into “work mode” 🙂

I hit the home gym for an HIIT workout with some amazing music. Moral of the story here is to not give up! Vacation and family time is a must – but don’t let a week of craziness throw you off track forever. It’s as easy as H-I-I-T to get back in the groove of normalcy.

Back-From-Vacation Workout

3 minutes on treadmill at speed 8.0 mph

1 minute each:


sumo squat with bicep curls

scissor kicks

3 minutes on treadmill at speed 8.2 mph

1 minute each:

push ups

wall sit

lunge with lateral raise

3 minutes on treadmill at speed 8.4 mph

1 minute each:

renegade rows

side lunge with weighted punch

Russian twists

3 minutes on treadmill at speed 8.6

1 minute each:

dead lifts

split squats

mountain climber


Challenge yourself and don’t give up!

OK, signing off. My brain already needs a break 🙂