FITT for Duty: Creating An Effective Exercise

creating effective exercises

Don’t waste your precious time with an ineffective workout.

Shout out to all of the exercise newbies out there. It’s NEVER too late to start a new exercise program. One of the biggest hurdles people have to jump is just figuring out where the heck to start. So let’s talk about how to make sure you are creating an effective fitness program for yourself.

The F.I.T.T. Method:

  • Frequency

    • How often you exercise. Beginners should aim for 60 minutes a week and work your way up to the recommended 4-5 times a week
    • Figure out what your exercise goal is – to lose weight, to lower blood pressure, etc.
  • Intensity

    • How hard are you working? The best way to monitor intensity is to check your heart rate
    • Goal is to be within your target heart rate zone ( heart rate


  • Time

    • How long are you exercising?
    • I always recommend 30 minutes of NON-stop activity. Grocery shopping, working, lawn work, etc doesn’t necessarily count as exercise since you are stopping or slowing down your heart rate (unless your profession is mall walking). So just because you are on your feet a lot during the day, doesn’t mean you are exercising (sorry!)
    • If your goal is weight loss, then I would recommend 45 non-stop minutes or more of cardio workout (running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc)
  • Type

    • What kind of workout are you doing?
    • If your goal is to improve your cardiovascular ability, I would recommend running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, rowing, aerobics or stair climbing
    • If weight loss is your goal, I would recommend adding some weight training into your routine to strengthen your muscle groups. Things like push ups, sit ups, squats or using free weights are some examples

So there you have it – a foolproof method for creating your own exercise plan. Variety is key and helps prevent boredom. Fight exercise boredom by switching up one of any of the 4 methods. Get some friends together to walk the neighborhood, join your local Y and take a few classes, dust off that bike in the garage or just hop on your treadmill after work.

Anyway you do it, you are doing your body good. Get FITT today!
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